Where to legally download free music

By , 19 October 2016 at 17:30
Where to legally download free music

Where to legally download free music

By , 19 October 2016 at 17:30

Music goes with us everywhere. Taking songs with you today is easier than ever thanks to portable players and mobile phones

You can listen to music in your car, walking down the street, riding your bicycle, on a train, and even at work. Music cheers us up, wakes us up, and helps us concentrate. And thanks to the Internet there are hundreds of sites where we can find free music.

You probably already know about services such as Spotify or Deezer that allow you to listen to music for free with advertisements, or paying for it. There are similar paid services such as Google Play Music or Apple Music. But what if we want to download free music to our computer or portable device? There are also options for this.

Before beginning I have to clarify that the music the following sites offer correspond to groups that are not so well-known. However, these groups are not worse or less talented because of this. In some cases these groups are just getting started while others prefer to profit from their music through their concerts and offer their songs for free. Most of them have preferred to not be part of the normal commercial circuit and offer themselves in alternative websites such as the ones we’re going to show you. In any case, they will help you get to know less popular names with great futures and that will not let you down if you give them a chance.

Jamendo Music

The first recommendation on this list is Jamendo Music which, as it mentions on its website, is a community of independent music. This type of music, very popular in the last several years, has its own space where we can discover groups and enjoy their songs.

You can listen to music online but you can also download complete albums or singles to you computer. It has its own app for Android and iOS. The music is organized according to genre and playlists, as well as labels that help you refine your aim when searching for a new group for your collection.

Free Music Archive

At Free Music Archive you will find a good collection of free music organized according to genre, most popular playlists, and sources of the songs.

These are basically songs with Creative Commons licenses or other similar ones that you can use for your own enjoyment or include in your multimedia projects. You also have the possibility of supporting the project through donations.

Amazon Music

For the past several years Amazon, the online store where you can buy everything from books to washing machines, including videogames, gadgets, and food, has also had an online music store with discounts and offers. If you search carefully Amazon Music also offers free music by well-known groups like Blondie or The Foo Fighters, as well as other not so popular groups. Take a look to see what you can find.

Just like its catalogue of other products you can filter according to artist, genre, and score. To download these songs all you have to do is sign-up as a user.


Soundcloud is another popular alternative and independent music website that, on many occasions, includes electronic mixes of popular titles. It basically works with the streaming system, but there are songs that can be downloaded in order to enjoy them on your computer or mobile device.

You can search by artist, song, or genre. Who knows what you’ll find. Well-known groups have their own official channels, but in these cases the music is obviously not free and not available for downloading. But there are many independent artists who will delight any music lover.


We end with NoiseTrade, another popular website for emerging artists that offers complete albums for free downloading and enjoyment, and/or by donating money (or a tip as they call it). You can also advertise these singers and groups on your social networks.

It has a very varied list of genres and new items are very common so that you will always find something new to discover.

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