Kickstarting a new global conversation on Digital Life

In the coming weeks, we will launch the Telefónica Index on Digital Life, an index that has been created by leading academics at the Global Entrepreneurial Development Institute (GEDI). It will be one of the most comprehensive of its kind ever created.

Conducted across 34 countries, this has been designed to improve our understanding of how enterprising individuals, combined with a country’s digital infrastructure, drive digital entrepreneurship and economic growth.

To support the publication of the Index by creating on-line dialogue, we have produced an ambitious new 15-part series called ‘The Trailblazers‘ – where  Telefonica’s Shivvy Jervis @shivvyjervis and Danny Bartlett @whosbored discover 15 millennials (18-35) whose ventures use #techforgood.

Episode #1 features Stan Karpenko, co-founder and CEO of accessibility tech startup GiveVision. Their revolutionary software – designed to work with smart glasses – will give tremendous independence to the 285 million visually impaired and blind people worldwide. Watch the episode (below) to unravel exactly how.

Watch the rest of the episodes at