Telefonica – Amérigo

Amérigo is an international network of technological Venture Capital funds which forms part of Telefónica’s commitment to boosting technological innovation around the world.

The Amérigo Funds are aimed at projects at the expansion phase. Each fund is managed by an independent expert manager, chosen following a selection process in each country, and who operates completely autonomously, though with certain objectives aligned with Telefónica’s strategy.

The project has been initially launched in four countries (Spain, Brazil, Chile, Colombia) thus laying the bases for a global network for investment in innovation to boost companies and their new digital services around the world, especially in regions such as Latin America which are not the main focus of risk capital.

For this initiative, Telefónica has received the support of the governments in each one of the countries in which it has been launched, which have entered as first level investors in each one of the funds, as well as other public and private institutional investors that have wished to join in the initiative.