Will Google X take the Internet to the farthest corners of the Earth?

Digital Life
How do you get to places that are disconnected from infrastructure, roads, electricity? How to you cross mountains and broad seas? You fly, of course! At least that’s the plan of Google X, the Willy Wonka-like experimental department of the world’s search engine, advertising and data powerhouse. Google X has recently launched testing of its solar-powered drones and its Project Loon of balloon-based Internet to connect 4.5 billion people. If you increase mobile broadband reach by ten percent, you increase a country’s GDP by one...

Not enough women giving others a leg up, reveal tech industry insiders

We’re the lead adopters of new gadgetry, are fast becoming the top decision makers in software adoption and make up 52% of gamers. But the broader brush figures are still grim – less than a quarter of women take on STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and maths). And it would take a million new female hires in this space to hit critical mass in the UK alone! This staggering statistic coupled with a ton of commentary from pundits got me wondering – are we as women simply...

How mobile tech could help FIFA be more efficient!

What does a global organization do when its star performer leaves the company after being given carte blanche to do what he likes? Can mobile technology bring order? FIFA’s former President Sepp Blatter left suddenly, with no handover meeting and he’s not returning messages. One minute he was omnipresent – the next he was omni-absent. That is one of the anomalies of the digital age. It doesn’t matter how many channels you have if the boss doesn’t communicate. Like many exceptional mavericks, Sepp had his own way of...

How tech is fighting global warming

Field-sized Asteroids, alien invasions and killer robots – all are seen as possible threats to humanity. But right now, are any of them likely? No. What we should really be worrying about is global warming – a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. The causes? Increased levels of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas), chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other pollutants due to industrial-scale burning. As a result, our planet has become warmer and continues to do so – which doesn’t bode too well for the...
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Mind Control vs. Mind Reading: The wonders of brain tech

Future Trends
There’s no doubt the consumer is king. With more than 55 percent of people consulting social media before committing to buy, the lemming effect, not marketing, not advertising, not even celebrities, are driving the consumer market. It’s no wonder that people want to know what you think, when you think it. The BBC calls it a “surge in brain-reading patents”, with applications in the U.S. alone quadrupling in only a few years. And they not only want to know what you think, but how you feel,...

Startups are finally looking to close that diversity gap

Diversity in business is a hot topic not so much because it’s fair, but it almost guarantees a greater culture of innovation, creativity and understanding of an even more diverse market. There’s no doubt that there’s a lot of talk happening about #WomeninTech, while there’s a lot less about the lack of other minorities in the space. And we’ve already talked about how there are very few companies looking to solve either problem. Yes, it does frustrate me that the only place I never have to...

Is VC investment really a sign of success?

There is a feeling that getting VC funding – an injection of capital to help grow the company in return for a slice of the business – is a sign of success for a start-up. After all, it’s a sign that someone believes in the business idea and thinks there’s a viable market for it. Why else would a funding company throw millions, sometimes hundreds of millions, at a young business? And the numbers connected with VC funding are huge, particularly when it comes to investments...

How tech is making commercial aircraft safer

Future Trends
Particularly in the news today, it feels like there are always incidents involving aircrafts and those stories are truly tragic. The stakes are higher when commercial planes are involved – this because they can carry hundreds of passengers. The year 2014 saw eight incidents involving them. One of the year’s most shocking involved Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared from sight with 227 aboard – all unaccounted for and presumed dead. Just a few months later, in July, a Boeing 747 from the same airline company...

300,000 euro funding, 6 projects: the Data Transparency Lab announces our winners

Since the first Data Transparency Lab kick-off workshop back in November last year, we’ve come a long way. Today we’re very excited to reveal the first 6 projects that will be funded by the DTL with a total grant of 300,000 euros – 50,000 euros for each. All of the projects chosen epitomise the core aims and ambitions of the DTL: to support research in tools, data and methodologies that shed light on the use of personal data by online services, giving people more control over...

Meet Tappx: The startup transforming online advertising

In a world where the Internet and technology rule almost every aspect of our daily lives, marketing and advertising online is a must. However, this is not an easy task. Advertising can often be very expensive and sometimes fruitless. With Tappx (@Tappx_com) the game has changed. Last month, they broke even and successfully started a new phase for their company. But what is Tappx and how are they going to transform online advertising? We sat down with Daniel Reina, the CEO of Tappx who revealed all. ...